Do I need to download the setup?
The setup installs the windows software which shows the same information as the website. The windows software also can interact with all plugins.
If u don’t like installing new software or using plugins u can use only the website.

More info about the plugins
link to setup
Am I obliged to install the Plug in? What is it for?
The browser plug- in allows you to log- in automatically with just one click to saved websites.
When not installed an automatically generated log-in is not possible. Your user name to that website and the hidden password will be shown. These can be manually copied
Install setup before installing plugins
Why do I get a notification of my Anti -Virus or browser software when I am installing the internet browser plug-in?
Passwhisper is a fairly new program, and software that interact with it are programmed to block new programs. If you indicate in your anti-virus or browser software that our software is safe to use, those companies will register our software as safe after a while.
I don't see the login button in Passwhisper software?
This happens when the software cannot connect with the browser plugin.
U can verify this by pressing the info button .
This can happen when the plugin is not installed or interrupted by your Antivirus software.
Please install the plugin again (with antivirus disabled).

Install Firefox plugin
Install Internet explorer plugin
Install Chrome plugin
Why does it take so long before the windows software shows the login window?
This can be caused by 2 things :
a) Your internet connection is slow
b) If you are trying to use passwhisper software after a firewall that blocks port 3306 , the software will try to connect to the server trying alternative methods. This might result in the connection running slower than usual.
Is my information safe at passwhisper?
We had our website and software tested by Comodo. This is shown by the "soft element" (highlighted in green ) next to our URL . This to ensure you we offer a Virus-free product.
Passwhisper uses only encrypted data to encode your passwords, which means they are only visible for the registered user. Someone who would break in into the database of Passwhisper would not be able to use the found data. Only random letters, numbers and punctuation marks are shown, even a supercomputer would need over 1.000 years to decipher the codes.

I don't know much about computers, can I still use Passwhisper?
Passwhisper is very easy in use and offers clear instructions understandable for beginners and more
advanced users. If something might not be clear, you can always ask for support by clicking on the
Contact page.
Can I only store Passwords, or also other data like important dates ?
Passwhisper offers storage for all kind reminders. These reminders can be accessed through our software and website. 10 words counts for 1 "password location".
Can I save multiple logins to one website?
Yes you can.
How can I pay for my purchase?
These options depends on what country u live in.
What kind of computer do I need to run the software?
Windows 7 or later is compatible with the Passwhisper software . As
for now Apple-users are not able to install the software. Though people who use any other operating system can still open the website
and view the content of their account.
The website is optimized to be used on every possible device, from cellphone to home PC.
I forgot my password I use to login to Passwhisper, can you send me my password?
Unfortunately the answer is no. You do can ask for your password reminder to be sent to you by clicking on the “forgot password” button.
Password reminder
How do I upgrade/downgrade/end subscription?
U can do this in the website after login, at the SETTINGS tab.
How long can I use Passwhisper?
Bronze is free for life.
All other subscriptions we offer for one year. The expiration date is shown in your personal account. You will receive a reminder to renew your subscription by mail. If not renewed after one year, you will not have any access to your information. Your information will be held for another 2 months , when u do not extend the subscription by then, all info will be automatically deleted.
After receiving payment your account will be available again.
I’ve lost my phone while two way authentication is enabled, so I cannot login. What do i do?
1) Install the Launchkey app on your new phone
2) Login as existing user by providing your Launchkey username and email
3) Check your mail and click the verification link received from Launchkey
4) In case that your phone is lost, you need to un-pair the lost phone from the launchkey app after login.
Why does the firefox plugin not install well?
Firefox throws an error "can't establish connection to the server ..." , when the Passwhisper windows software is not installed.
After installing the setup, the plugin will work as expected.

Install Setup

Please allow access through your Phone